Project Ultra’s Vegan Pancakes

Ok so these are basically regular pancakes, but with the eggs replaced by flax seeds. It sounds weird, but it works; the result is a lighter, crispier pancake than your usual affair (which to my mind can sometimes be a bit flabby), plus they’re packed with protein and will leave you feeling energised rather than sluggish.

You can use either flax or chia seeds – for each egg that you’re replacing, mix one tablespoon of seeds with three of water. Stir and leave in the fridge to set for 15 minutes or so; this will yield a slightly gelatinous egg substitute. I know I’m not really selling it here, but what you’re after is something of an appropriately eggy consistency. The pancakes themselves won’t be sticky.

I tend to make pancakes by bodging the quantities: a good 100g of flour, a couple of flax eggs, and enough soya milk for a smooth batter when beaten with a whisk. You’ll need a generous pinch of salt, too; under-seasoned pancakes are depressingly stodgy. And…that’s it! Vegan batter is a bit trickier in the pan than the eggy kind and the first pancake almost always sticks, but don’t despair. It just takes a bit of persistence to make them come right. For toppings try banana, maple syrup, strawberries, blueberries or check out The Minimalist Baker’s recipe for home-made Nutella, here:

Happy flipping!

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